Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Still having power and internet problems.  Sending this over my phone which is veerryy slow.  Made it to Mwanza and back and the flooding was evident everywhere.  We didn't have to take any detours because we would have needed a boat to use them.  A little nerve wracking, but we made it, got the medication and food (even found a honey-glazed ham for Christmas--only the second one we've seen in seven years).  Made some minor car repairs--window washers are kind of necessary in the rainy season, but was back home by five pm too worn out to do much more than go to bed, especially since the internet was down and the power had just come back on.  Thanks for the prayers.  A man was killed by a bus about twenty minutes before we passed and the body was still on the road.  It was gone by the time we returned, but the image stays with you.
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