Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The rain and flooding continue.  Just between Bunda and Musoma (a distance of about 65 kilometers), there are now over 81,000 homeless and figures are even worse around Mwanza.  In a land suffering from a long famine, flooding is just the other side of that disaster coin.  Please pray for all those who are suffering.  There are far too many for us to help, but we have been able to help one or two which doesn't make us feel very good.  On a more upbeat note, there will be about 70 orphans graduating from St. Wiggins Academy on December 16th.  I hope Karen or I can make it to congratulate these exceptional students.  Karen's school will be graduating a week from this coming Monday and they are excited as well.  We can't do safaris into the Serengeti during rainy season, but as soon as the weather allows, this group will also get to see the animals that make their country famous.  The major internet server here in Bunda at the phone company went down and John spent all day fixing it only to have a power outage knock it back out three hours later.  He can't work on it tomorrow because he has students coming for all day classes, so we will just have to tough it out.  Welcome to our world.
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