Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pastor Festo came by for some help.  His mother had died in Kenya and he needed fifty dollars to travel to the funeral, so I gave him enough to cover the costs and to buy some food for the folks that would be there.  Then Bwana Masele came by to get some money to take his son to the Bugando Hospital in Mwanza.  His total need was around thirty dollars.  A hundred dollars for a trip to a family funeral and for a trip to a hospital to care for a son.  Not much by our standards, but beyond the reach of theirs, and for what--a grieving son and a caring father trying to help his own son.  We are the wealthy here.  We were talking about that yesterday with Robi and Jono Vink, a missionary from Australia.  We would all be below the poverty level in our respective countries, but here we can actually accomplish much with what wouldn't even be enough to live back home.  I don't know about "third world" issues, but I certainly know about want and need.  I know that we feed 200 orphans under six years of age every month for about $200 and will till the money runs out.  We miss many things and have to do without a lot that others say they could never go without, yet we would rather be surrounded by need than greed.  We would rather have our hearts broken than pampered, but that's just us.  Each of us in the conversation yesterday admitted that we, too, were just as guilty of greed when we lived surrounded by it.  Nobody's fault really, but sometimes you really have to get out of your comfort zone to find just where that comfort zone is within your heart.  We get so many messages from people who have been here and miss it terribly, so we know that it is not because of where your body lives but where your heart lives.  Didn't Jesus say that, "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."  A wise man, Jesus.
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