Monday, November 14, 2011

The only good thing about having a 67th birthday is that you only have to do it once.  I spent my birthday (also Prince Charles's) driving to Musoma to order the hand-cranked wheel chair, to go by the bank, to try to find some cereal bowls (took almost an hour and trips to six different dukas (shops), and to pay Social Security for our workers.  I had forgotten last month, so I had to pay for two months and a penalty.  Found some medication they didn't have at the Coptic Hospital but that I needed.  Also located a part we needed for the internet router.  We also located a duka that occasionally imports broccoli and bought some--a big deal.  Because of my health, I seldom leave the house, so this was a very busy and hard day for me.  When I got back, I collapsed on the bed for a couple of hours.  When I got up, I was taken by the hand and walked up to Martha's Place.  Everywhere had been decorated with fresh flowers from the gate to the car park.  I was sung all the way into Martha's Place by the staff who had decorated there with kangas and fresh flowers.  They sang thank you songs, there was a cake that John had baked, and they danced and sang and clapped to thank God for me and Karen and John and what we have meant to them.  It brought tears to my eyes but luckily there were no pictures of that.  There were a lot of other pictures, though, so click on the one on the right to see them all.  It made my day and made me completely forget about how tired I was.  My two very best birthdays have been while serving as a missionary, once in the Peruvian Amazon, and now today.  I'll never forget them.  What a joy--not to mention all the good wishes on Facebook as well.  You all know how to make an old man feel loved.  Thank you.
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