Friday, November 18, 2011

One of the things with which we deal on a daily basis is what I call the "if" factor.  We went to Musoma today to see about getting a new shirt for me "if" the tailor was there--he wasn't, he was in Nairobi.  Shaban tried to get his new driver's license finished up (he had all the paperwork) "if" the man who needed the sign the papers was there--he wasn't.  Went to the bank to get some money from the ATM machine having forgotten my checkbook "if" the ATM was working--it wasn't.  Wherever we go, we have to factor "if" into the equation--it's not something Americans have to do.  John was able to teach "if" his students were there--they were.  We wanted to eat in the new missionary cafe "if" it was open--sometimes they close for funerals--but they were open today.  We always find some things that work out even "if" many others don't.  If you don't understand the "if" factor, you can be very frustrated and angry.  Sometimes the stations have no diesel, sometimes the stores have no bread.  A year here would probably keep many of you from getting ulcers--you have to relax or go mad.  We choose to relax and let God guide.  Not a bad way to live.
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