Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More rain today but a minor miracle occurred.   During the rain, the power stayed on as did the internet.  I think that's the first time that's that happened.  I think it takes twice to make it a true miracle, but we're half way there.  We are searching for turkeys for Thanksgiving but they are endangered species here.  If anyone goes to Nairobi, we may be able to get them to bring one back.  A fourteen pound turkey costs about $70, but it's worth it to us.  We've been here seven years and have only had two.  It's even hard finding big chickens since they are all free range.  We'll figure out something.  I wonder what Kori Bustard tastes like.  Lots of those over in the Serengeti.  Getting one may be a bit tricky.  The game wardens are armed, after all.  Oh well, canned corn and hard boiled eggs can be a feast if you make it one.  When you are sitting down with family and friends having turkey, dressing, corn bread, and cranberry sauce--remember those of us who are with you in spirit--for we are.  It is for you that we do what we do (not to mention God called us to do it, but he didn't remember about thanksgiving).  We love you all and will be praying for you on that day when we remember our former life and all our family and friends.  We have much to be thankful for and are truly blessed to be serving here.
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