Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More rain again.  We did get the short in the wiring fixed so the rains don't cause any more trouble than the power cut off every time lightning strikes, but we are used to that.  Juliana claims that her son is innocent and is in jail because his friend said that he helped him.  I don't know the truth, so I will accept Juliana's version.  He gets out next week.  She has to take food to him.  Food is not provided in prisons here and if you have no family or friends--you just starve.  Harsh, but food isn't provided in hospitals either, so I guess everyone knows how to work around it.  Can you imagine having to take three meals a day to a loved one in the hospital?  Life is hard here, in ways we often don't even know about.  We have solid walls that don't collapse with a heavy rain, a metal roof that doesn't leak, a cement floor that doesn't flood, and awnings to keep the rain from coming in the windows--we are blessed.  We also have nothing to fear from tornados or earthquakes which are really scary--to me at least.  We rode out a 7.2 quake in L.A. in 1971 that left people dead and roads collapsed as well as a hospital destroyed.  I don't like earthquakes.  Karen said, "If you can't trust the ground, who can you trust?"  I guess we must trust God and learn from every experience.  God gives us lots of opportunities to manifest His love to those around us.  Blessings on all who think of others first.
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