Monday, November 28, 2011

Juliana's son is out on bail and goes back to court in a couple of weeks, so that is still not decided.  And still it rains.  During the rainy season there are only three churches we can reach in our 4WD vehicle, but lately there has been only one and it's the one just outside our fence.  If we go there every Sunday, they claim that it is our church and therefore should get more money and be more important than any other despite the fact that only about twenty people show up every Sunday, so we don't go every week.  During rainy season there are only five or six people who come because there are no shutters on the windows and the rain just blows straight through the church.  Still, we have churches meeting under tarps in the rain with no walls that still have fifty to eighty members show up every Sunday.  Where the Spirit is alive and active, nothing will keep the people away.  I remember in the U.S. that attendance always fell on rainy Sundays--you'd think it would go up since golf is no fun in the rain.  It is more depressing here because of the loss of houses and the deaths, particularly of children.  Not to mention the typhus and dysentery and cholera that comes from all the polluted water.  We are praying for just a few days of sunshine to dry things out.  They are working on the road between Mwanza and Musoma and for many kilometers you have to drive on dirt detours which wash out during the rain.  Not much fun but always an adventure.  I have to go to Mwanza tomorrow, so please keep Shaban and me in your prayers--it won't be an easy trip, but we need medication and food we can only get there. At least, we have the right kind of car for it.  I once got it out of a rice paddy up to the hubs in water.  I remember Amy Buckingham telling me what a good driver I was.  I think that was because she didn't have to get out and push in the mud, but I appreciated it anyway.
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