Thursday, November 3, 2011

John had students that rode the bus down from Musoma who spent the day with him.  He was exhausted but happy--as were they.  Charlini was back to her old self this afternoon.  Hard to believe she was so sick just last Friday, but malaria and typhoid are like that.  If you get to them quickly with the right medications, you can beat them.  If you don't--you just die.  Very sad because it happens to so many around here.  They don't go to get help because of the cost until it is too late for the help to help them.  We are having free range chicken tonight.  Of course, all the animals here are free range from cattle to elephants.  There is a large chicken processing plant in Mwanza, but we don't get their chicken here.  Here, they come on the back of a bicycle in a wicker cages, still clucking.  Karen slipped on a freshly mopped floor this morning and fell pretty hard and banged her head.  No blood and no concussion, but she is pretty sore and will be more so tomorrow.  We should wear inside shoes on the concrete floor, but it is easy to forget.  I don't think she will forget again.  
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