Monday, November 7, 2011

Hoo boy!  Got three packages from the states today, mailed in early September, so pretty fast for Africa.  I got a new hat (Lusi accidentally washed my previous Panama hat and ruined it), John got computer stuff (a Samsung tablet), Karen got support hose for her legs and patterns and a watch, and we got new DVD's.  An all around wonderful day.  Sort of like Christmas.  We know it takes a long time for packages to get here, but as long as we know that something is on the way, we are happy because it will get here.  None of that overnight delivery stuff here, but patience is a virtue we have had to relearn and it is a good one.  Christianity is like that, you know.  You do what you are asked by Christ to do and that should be enough because you know that heaven is coming--one day.  It's like that old sermon from Easter when the pastor says, "We know it's the dark of Friday night, but we are not dismayed--because Sunday is coming!"  Thanks to all of those who send packages, great and small, because we love to be remembered.  Hopefully, we all live so that Christ will remember us as well.
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