Monday, November 21, 2011

Got a wonderful gift today.  One of the board members of the One Book Foundation (the non-profit that helps support us) sent us some money.  Not a lot, but enough to keep a family together and alive for years to come.  They gave us enough to buy two breeding goats and enough food for the family for two months (to keep them from selling the goats for food money).  This family are our neighbors and the husband got malaria and died in two days leaving behind a nine-months pregnant wife and two small children.  There is no insurance money here, no help of any kind except what already poor neighbors and relatives can donate.  We helped with the funeral expenses ($40 for an adult coffin) and the mother brought the baby for us to see when it was born a few weeks later.  The whole family was destined for extreme poverty which meant no medicine when the children got sick, begging food from relatives, etc.  Now, they will be able to breed goats to raise money for the family which means medicine, food, and school fees.  It will give them life.  The Heifer Project does this in many countries, but we have no access to anything like that here.  We'll post pictures later for we hope to get this done next week.  We have to travel out past Guta to get the goats and our car may smell for a while but well worth it.  One of our favorite shows on the BBC is the Secret Millionaire, so thanks to the generosity of some friends in Gravette, Arkansas, we get to be like a secret millionaire for this family--for $300.  What a gift--for the family, for us, and for the givers.  Well done.
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