Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Charlini was back at school today.  It's hard to believe how sick she was last Friday because she is almost her old self today.  Thanks be to God and all those who prayed for her.  Thank you, thank you.  She is such a part of why we are here and a constant reminder that we are of some benefit to the people here.  Paid for food for another month for 200 orphans at St. Wiggins Academy (they are all under six years of age).  It only cost about $200 to feed that many of Christ's little ones for a month.  It's pouring down rain now, but we managed to get several repairs done today and to get some ice cream from a Muslim woman who keeps a freezer going (most of the time).  It's just a hobby for her, and the little store is closed more than it's open, but we are thankful.  Sometimes, it has melted and refrozen (yuk) but we eat it anyway.  Last night John got very creative and managed to make us tostados (not Taco Bell, but close).  They were downright heavenly.  Nice to have a really good cook in the family.  My sister got him a French cookbook when he was little and he's never lost the flair.  Thanks, Penny.
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