Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Charlini is here at the house and feeling better.  She had both malaria and typhoid and is currently having to take a boatload of medicines.  She had an injection yesterday and is having another this afternoon.  She is trying to play, but she is obviously tired and not up to her usual perkiness.  Shaban arrived late today after seeing the doctor again this morning for another blood test.  He was forgiven, of course, both because of the doctor's appointment and because he showed up with two kilos (4.6 lbs) of popcorn as we had run out.  John has a number of projects for him as do I, but we will have to wait for his health and strength to return.  Pastor Festo came in from Karikakari just to check on me which was really nice of him.  Tomorrow, Collins (the head teacher), from St. Wiggins Academy will come to get the money to pay for one more month's food for two hundred orphans.  Sometimes I wonder if that's all I'm good for, but whatever I can do to serve--I will do.  There is certainly no greater cause so easily met.
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