Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another rainy day here which makes it difficult to do our outdoor repairs.  We are always having to repaint and re-cement something or another.  Good day for reading though, so I read a book a friend sent me on poverty in Africa.  It was very upsetting because there is so much that can be done that isn't for political reasons both here and in America.  They tried to end on a hopeful note, but they failed with me.  Since I was upset, I read Andrea Bocelli's autobiography "The Music of Silence".  It made me feel much better for here was a boy blind since he was twelve years old facing all kinds of obstacles and overcoming all of them.  It WAS uplifting.  Of course, Andrea Bocelli has the gift of a beautiful singing voice, and we all don't have those kinds of gifts.  What we do all have, though, is skill sets.  We are all good at something.  Some are people persons, some creative, some artistic, some organizational, some hard working, and some unwilling to accept defeat.  We have had all these kinds of people here and they have accomplished much.  It's not so much about having one exceptional gift as it is using the skill set you have developed over the years to offer as your gift.  I'm reminded of a little boy who could only play a drum, so that's what he played for the infant Christ.  So, it appears that the difference in a Christianity that is only nominal and one that is truly lived, is the willingness to use your skill set to expand God's kingdom in whatever way offers itself to you.  If you don't recognize your own skill set, just ask those around you because they will all know those things at which you excel.  Ask, listen, and use what you can offer for God's purposes.  It will change your life and those around you.
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