Thursday, November 10, 2011

After talking with Bwana Masele, who is a judge, it seems that Juliana's son, Fabiani, has already been in jail over one month and will be there at least two months more until the trial.  Bwana Masele says that he was caught with many stolen items in his possession and will likely get a minimum of six months and maybe one year.  This of course prompted a discussion of parenting and how we can do all we can but our children will one day make decisions for themselves.  We hope they make good ones but both of us remembered making some pretty bad ones of our own, yet we still love our children no matter what they do.  Our unconditional love of our own even with disappointments and sorrow for what befalls them certainly must echo what our heavenly Father feels about us.  He wants the very best for us, but we often let him down.  What is so awesome is that Christ died for all of us, not just those who made good decisions.  He loved the thief on the next cross as he was dying.  We love our own and want to protect them from harm but the only way to do that for their whole life is to lock them in the house and that is not loving.  Juliana has been praying for her son and asking prayers for him and we have been doing just that, but we have also been praying for her.  That's what we do.  We pray for all as Christ commanded us--not just those who love us, but those who hurt us, sometimes repeatedly.  It's what sets us apart from all other religions.  Pure love.
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