Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Went to the Coptic Hospital in Musoma today while John went to teach at Juason (computers/internet/solar).  The doctor changed the dressing but unfortunately the wound had become infected (explaining the pain).  He had to clean it and do some other gross and painful things, but it had to be done.  He put me on some heavy duty antibiotics and asked me to come back Friday so he could change the dressing again and check on the infection.  John and Robi are planning some really terrific computer stuff but government delays and lack of understanding are hampering our efforts.  Still, we are hopeful, we just have to find another way around.  There is always a way if you look long enough.  Had some plumbing problems at home, but Shaban fixed us up in no time.  Tomorrow, we start buying food for the German mission group coming on Saturday.  If you want to see Karen's latest solar project, check it out on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHTD_RX3J2I&feature=share  We are going to see if we can start a cottage industry through the churches with this.  I hope the link works, if it doesn't let me know and I'll find another way to get you there.  There is always a way.  Please pray for the Coptic Christians in Egypt who are being killed in Cairo by the military.  It's been on the news, but the doctors here are from Cairo and they are wonderful Christian servants and a blessing to our area.
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