Saturday, October 8, 2011

Well, quite a day yesterday, but good news, ultimately.  Left the house at 5:30 am and got to see the doctor at 11:00 am.  Two hours of driving and three and a half hours of waiting, but worth it.  I will be returning next week on Thursday morning to have an ultrasound for the prostate problem to determine the kind and amount of medication to fix it (no surgery) and then I will be admitted that afternoon, spend the night there and will have surgery to remove the skin cancer above my ear Friday morning with skin graft and back in Bunda by Friday night.  The specialist will only be there for another week or so, so this was an answer to prayers (no trip to Nairobi needed).  It would be nice if they had heavy duty pain medication here but will get by on Ibuprofen (no other choice).  A little suffering is good for the soul, so the Apostle Paul writes.  Karen insists on going with me even though it's not really very serious, but it will be nice having her there.  We all need people in our corner, and even though I know God does not abandon me, it is nice to someone with skin on nearby.  Thank you for all your prayers and keep 'em coming, especially next Friday morning (Thursday night for most of you).  God bless all of you that keep us and this mission going by your prayer support.
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