Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We have a new power problem(?).   The power has been very consistent over the last week and we have only had to run the generator one time.  However, seven to ten times a day the power pops off for ten seconds or so and then comes back.  It is irritating, but certainly a better problem than one or two day power outages.  Don't know how long this will last.  We are having an early rainy season (short rains) which may mean the levels of the lakes are rising and the hydro generators are working again.  When the rains stop, we will probably be right back to where we were.  Diesel prices continue to rise (about $11 a gallon) so we are being very conservative with our trips, sadly.  Can't do as much for folks if you can't get to them.  Juliana was gone yesterday because of a neighbor's death.  If the neighbors don't attend the family they can actually be fined as well as becoming the target of insults.  We missed Charlini.  Tomorrow, we go to Mwanza for my ultrasound and surgery.  Karen insists on going and I find that rather pleasing.  Last time I was in the hospital there, I was alone--no family or friends.  This is better.  Please pray for my sister who is having problems with my mother in her nursing home (fell out of bed, hospital stay, arguing with nursing home, etc.).  Penny has done a fantastic job of caring for my mother and we are so very grateful.  Also, thanks to my son, Chris, and his wife, Brenda, who are paying for my hospital expenses.  There is no substitute for caring family.  None.  If you want to have a taste of what my son, John's, life has been like, watch the movie, "Temple Grandin".  It's the true story of a successful autistic woman who learned to deal with life and her problems.  It is an inspiration to watch and makes us feel very proud of John.
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