Friday, October 21, 2011

Was able to get to the bank and to get my dressing changed this morning.  Doc says it's still infected but better than it was--so keeping taking the prescribed antibiotics (like I was gonna quit).  Then we went by the new Anglican missionary sponsored cafe in Musoma on the Anglican cathedral grounds.  It's open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and all the profits go to help the poor women of the parish.  John took a few pictures which we posted for you to see at the right--just click on the picture to see more.  It was wonderful.  The food was good, John loved the Espresso and they served me a brownie the size of New Zealand.  The bill was for about eighteen dollars for the three of us for lunch, so we gave them forty dollars (it's a good cause).  John is trying to switch his Tuesday teaching to Friday, so he can spend some quiet time at the cafe which also has fast internet--a real draw for John.  Karen and crew are getting ready for our German guests tomorrow.  There was no bread available in Bunda yesterday and today, nor was there any in Musoma.  The one  bakery had an equipment failure and there will be no bread till someone goes to Kenya or Mwanza and brings it back.  I don't think any of you can imagine not being able to buy bread--you can get all you want 24 hours a day, but TIA (this is Africa) and we live in a different reality.  I hope we can get some tomorrow cause our guests will be expecting toast for breakfast.  Just one more thing to which we have to adapt.  If you can't be flexible, you have no business being a missionary.
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