Saturday, October 15, 2011

Relatively normal day.  Still in pain from the surgery, but that's to be expected.  Lost the pump and had to have Shaban come down from Musoma and track down an electrician.  Without the pump, nothing works here.  No drinking water, no bathing, no flushing toilets, no watering plants and flowers, a serious business.  Without the pump, we would have to cancel the German missionaries coming next Saturday, so we were very happy to find it was just a wiring problem that was fixable.  We had to pay Saturday and holiday labor charges for the electrician, but it was still cheap and we were happy to pay it.  Charlini was afraid of me at first because of the bandage around my head.  Once she saw I was okay with it, then she was happy again.  I also gave her a coin yesterday (no idea how much it was but no more than fifty cents or so) and she bought a new pen with it.  She showed me today.  They call a pen "biki" from the word Bic printed on the packages.  I think it's the first thing she ever bought for herself.  Quite proud she was, and we are proud of her.  Blessings are all around you if you look.
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