Thursday, October 20, 2011

John had students today from Musoma.  They ride the bus down and back and spend all day learning from John.  Power was off last night for about six hours and again today for about eight hours.  Of course, it's rainy season, so whenever we get lightning, the power goes off for a couple of hours just for that.  Karen is planning menus and things for our guests arriving Saturday.  They will be here three days, but they have their own agenda so we just feed and house them.  I go back to Musoma tomorrow to have the Coptic doctor change my dressing and check on the infection again.  The stitches will get removed when I go back to Mwanza next Wednesday after our guests have left.  I will also have an ultrasound for my prostate problem at the same time.  Will have to spend the night since the doctor can't see me until after four in the afternoon.  You don't drive the highways at night here--just not safe.  Hopefully, will soon be back up and running at full speed again.  We had some very heavy rains last night, and I asked Lusi if her floor got wet.  She laughed and told me she doesn't have a floor.  How easy it is to forget what life is like for the people who live here.  She bailed water out of her house this morning and called and said she'd be late because of the water.  How blessed we are and how often we forget.  
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