Friday, October 28, 2011

An impossibly rainy day today.  Shaban showed up very late after spending the night in the hospital in Musoma with stomach cramps.  We sent him back home to rest and are praying it isn't his appendix.  They did an X-ray and said everything looked okay, but this is still bush medicine.  Charlini was sick and Juliana spent the day with her at the hospital here in Bunda.  Hopefully, she will be okay tomorrow.  John was unable to go to Musoma since Shaban was sick, so he worked here since the internet was up and working.  The power played hide and seek with the lightning all day, but we only had to run the generator for an hour or so.  I get to wash my hair for the first time in weeks tomorrow and am really looking forward to it.  Had to wait till the wound was completely healed since the water is not bacteria free.  Had a visit from the local immigration officer, but he was just looking for a little cash to buy diesel for his car.  I gave him some and sent him on his way.  It can't hurt to help government officials every now and then.  Just sayin'.  Thanks to all the people who prayed and who wrote or posted on Facebook et al.  Sometimes, just reading one or two words of encouragement can make a world of difference.  Thanks again.  Our Australian missionary friend, Samantha, who is pregnant with her fifth child, is in Nairobi this weekend, so please pray that she is spared from any of the violence there.
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