Sunday, October 16, 2011

Had some rain and the power has been off since noon.  It was steady most of last week, then we found out President Kikwete had been here and they don't turn his power off, so we were just lucky.  Internet has been off and on as well and a couple of times even our phones couldn't get us internet.  Karen is doing fine and John is working on his project for solar powered phone chargers in the villages.  His friend, Robi, is going to help.  Robi is an African-American who has been here over thirty years and is now a Tanzanian citizen.  He also owns land in several places and is giving John two acres on the lake front in Musoma so John can build a house sometime.  It is amazing that John's skills have put him in so much demand here and are helping young Tanzanians get better jobs while helping all the other missionaries at the same time.  He came here to visit for one week, six years ago, and has only left one that same year to finish up his master's at Arkansas in Geography.  Been here ever since.  I really don't know what Karen and I would have done without him.  For one thing, we couldn't have gone back to the U.S. together since someone has to stay here and run the place.  John has done that for a month or more on three occasions and did a fantastic job.  He blesses us and others as Christ called him to.  We thank God for him.
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