Wednesday, October 5, 2011

 Finally got internet back up and working well.  What a relief.  John has had a great idea to set up a little solar powered phone charger in where we have the community well.  While almost everyone has cell phones, so few have power that they have to go to a store and pay to charge their phones.  If John and Shaban can get this worked out, our neighbors can come and charge their cell phones, four at a time, during the day when the community well is open.  Then if we can get the cost down, we might try to put these at some of our churches.  Shouldn't need a battery or inverter, just a small solar cell.  It's a great idea even if we can't get it to work, but we are going to try.  Rainy season is still with us--rained all night long, slow and light like the farmers like.  Paul, our former worker, came by yesterday to get more social security forms filled out, but hopefully he was able to get his benefits yesterday in Musoma.  The German missionaries are here, but they are staying in Musoma.  We may see them for a few days on the 18th or the 25th--we'll just wait and see.  We are ready for them.  We still have many projects to finish, but only so much time in a day and so much money we can give away.
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