Thursday, October 6, 2011

Electrician came today.  We are rewiring the complex so that the hot water heaters (four small ones: two in our house and one in each guest cottage) are hard wired into Tanesco (the national power grid) bypassing the isolation switch for the generator.  The generator is an expensive one but cannot power the hot water heaters, so every time the power goes off, we have to first run around and make sure all the hot water heaters are off before we start the generator or we could lose the generator.  Now, when the power goes off the hot water heaters do  too.  Why it took us six years to figure this is out is something to ponder.  It did cost about $500 (mostly for the 6mm wire) so that is one factor.  Still, it will be quite a relief, and we are very glad to get this sorted.  The spot above my ear has been bothering me and a doctor friend managed to get me an appointment in Mwanza at the big hospital of Bugando to see a traveling cancer specialist.  Will be going down early Friday morning (leaving here at 6 am) to see what happens.  Sometimes you have to spend the whole day at that hospital just to get a simple blood test, so we will see.  May have to spend Friday night there and maybe they will just do the surgery right there.  Just won't know till I get there.  Also, may be able to get some medication for my prostate problem which would be a plus.  Here, you just never know.  TIA (this is Africa).
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