Sunday, October 30, 2011

Charlini is still sick but a bit better.  She is going back to the hospital tomorrow morning if her fever doesn't break tonight, but we are hopeful because she is very strong.  Power was off all day today, but it is 75 degrees here, so nothing like those poor folks in the Northeast where the power outage may cause people to die--freezing to death.  We are praying for them.  Power here is a luxury, anyway, and not necessary for life.  Only 11% of Tanzanians even have access to power; it is the businesses that are hurt the most by power outages.  My wound is not yet completely healed, so no hair washing for another couple of days.  John made pasta with butter and garlic tonight.  That boy can cook!  Tonight we watch British DVD's.  Every Sunday night, first the Vicar of Dibley, then As Time Goes By, and then Midsommer Murders.  We always look forward to Sunday nights.  We have already seen all of the these at least once and some three times, but at our age we don't remember what happened, so it's like it was new.  In fact, at our age life gets newer every day.  Not a bad perk for losing organs and painful joints.  We just keep going and serving like that Energizer bunny.  God bless all who serve. 
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