Monday, October 31, 2011

Charlini is still quite sick.  We took her to a new doctor who put her on some new medication that at least has stopped her vomiting.  Also found out that Juliana had not given her all of the medicine thinking she should save some for later.  Told her we would pay for all medication and how important it is to follow the doctor's orders.  Shaban is here today after spending most of the weekend in the hospital.  It is not his appendix--it is an ulcer that can be treated with medication.  The doctor fussed at him for waiting to get it treated, and I think he made a believer out of him.  Juliana's son, Fabiani, was arrested for stealing some TV stuff and will spend 14 days in jail.  He will return the stuff or he would spend six months inside and Tanzanian prisons are not nice places to be.  We are afraid he will start stealing from his mother but what can you do.  Juliana has cried a lot today and that is rare for Tanzanians.  She is under a lot of strain.  We are doing everything we can for Charlini, but she needs prayers and lots of them.  I don't know what I'd do if we lost her.  She is the light in out darkness here.
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