Saturday, October 29, 2011

Charlini has malaria, again.  It is dangerous for anyone under five, but she will be five this December, so she should do all right.  She seems much better today (she is here).  Our new helper for Edina, Andrew John, is sick and out for a couple of days.  Edina is gone today for a church function.  That's the way it goes around here--on any one day half of the staff is either sick or out for funerals or church.  Everything here has to be done by hand: no washing machine, no dishwasher, no vacuum, and all the food has to be cleaned and washed before we eat it.  Not to mention that we have to shop every day but Sunday.  Remember, we have no glass in the windows, no heating, and no air conditioning.  Not complaining, just reminding that life is harder here than most places, but we love it anyway.  Still very cool with the rain and no sun for a couple of days.  Everyone is wearing jackets and double clothes because the temperature is in the mid 60's F which is very cold here.  I accidentally banged my head where my wound is on the bathroom door and am in a little pain today.  My body doesn't remember that I no longer wear size 14 shirts and doesn't allow enough room for me to go through doors--plus there may be a little memory loss, but what was I saying?  Anyway,  just another routine day here with only two requests for help which we could do.  Blessings on all of you and especially our friend, Samantha, from Wiggins UMC who is still struggling with medical problems.  We are all praying for her on this side of the Atlantic.  Help us out, please, and you pray for her, too.
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