Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Been without internet for three days and we just didn't realize how much we count on it to keep from feeling isolated and cut off.  It is working now and we are thanking God for it.  Yesterday, when the head teacher at St. Wiggins Academy came to get the money for this month's food for the 200 orphans, he brought us a gift--a live rooster (pictures at right).  It was almost dog food before we got them under control.  This is a big deal here to get the gift of a food source.  It has only happened a few times.  We sent it to the young widow with the new baby who lives next to Juliana.  We seem to be having a very early "short rains" season that usually doesn't come until November, but every day around four or five in the afternoon we get really heavy rains after a day of very hot sunshine.  It affects all those with thatched roofs and mud walls.  I asked Lusi if her floor was wet and she laughed and said she doesn't have a floor.  How easy it is to forget how privileged we are to have a cement floor.  We thank God for all our blessings, floor included, and pray that you thank God for yours and remember how truly blessed you are.
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