Thursday, October 27, 2011

Back home again, and it feels really good.  Had a bit of a disappointment when I went to the store for Europeans in Mwanza where we buy luxuries like cheese, butter, bacon, and American cereal.  Sign on the door said, "Closed until further notice by Tanzanian Revenue Authority (IRS to you)".  Seems they weren't paying taxes or giving receipts.  We do hope they get things sorted out because we don't know what we would do without those occasional foods that remind us of America.  Poured down rain all the way home and then all day here in Bunda.  Cold for us, too, around 65 degrees and wet and windy.  John wanted to build a fire in the living room, but we have no fireplace.  So, coats and sweaters all around.  John had students here all day today and he really comes alive when he is teaching.  It is wonderful to watch.
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