Friday, September 23, 2011

We had no power and no internet so this the post below this was really Thursday's.  Today, Shaban and I went to Musoma to get our monthly budget money, pay our internet bill, get new shocks on the car, and visit the Coptic Hospital.  Karen is fine now and only needs to exercise every day to get even better.  Shaban is in Mwanza tonight and will spend tomorrow trying to find the illegal medication I need for my prostate problems.  He is confident he will be back tomorrow with the meds.  Doctor Ehab says that I will definitely need rather delicate surgery with a skin graft for the place above my ear.  There is now a surgeon at the Coptic Hospital in Nairobi who can do this kind of surgery.   We still can't afford it, but Bishop Paul, the Coptic Bishop of Kenya is a a friend who will be back from China at the end of October.  If he approves it, the hospital will do the surgery for no charge, I will just need to pay for transportation and housing which should run around $3,000.  We are starting to save up.  If they will do it, it's too good to pass up.  Keep us in your prayers.
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