Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We first came here in February of 2003.  Since that time more than 200 Americans (mostly Methodists, but Baptists and other caring Christians as well) have visited and worked on mission projects.  Some suffered injuries in a car accident, some got sick, one actually went a little crazy, so we no longer allow bi-polar, non-medicated folks on the teams.  But many returned, some twice, some as many as six times.  Almost all have remained as supporters and prayer partners for our mission.  If you have ever taught, you have probably experienced a moment when you saw the light bulb come on in a student's head knowing that they got it.  Moments like that keep you coming back.  Many teachers have inspired students to go on to become teachers themselves.  We have had many here that have "gotten it", who have had the Holy Spirit touch them and work through them not just while they were here but when they went back as well.  Some of those were only one time visitors, but that was all it took.  Much of what we do is not for the Tanzanians but for those who come from America and get to live by the Spirit while they were here and from then on.  I can't name them all for fear I might miss one.  Some "get it" after they get back, but I am convinced that God called us here to minister not just to the Tanzanians but for all our visitors as well.  Many have become great friends and we communicate frequently.  Some we never hear from but God knows their work and where they were inspired.  We humbly pray that God has touched every life of every visitor to Maisha Na Maji as every visitor has touched us.  We pray for all of you every day.  Today, I am asking for special prayers for Samantha Pearson who got sick after she got back from here trip here this August.  She is one of those from whom the Spirit shines.  She is still in need of prayers and I think is still in the hospital.  Wherever you are Samantha, this is for you, and for all those who have felt the love and grace of God while in Tanzania.  We love each of you and carry each of you in our hearts for now and for forever whether you came here by way of Afghanistan, Memphis, South Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New York or wherever.  You have changed lives here.  Ours as well.  May you feel the power and grace of God every day.  We love you.
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