Thursday, September 1, 2011

We didn't make it to Mwanza because it turns out Eid was celebrated as a four-day holiday this year.  People took off Monday, then Shia Muslims took off Tuesday and Wednesday and Sunni Muslims took off Wednesday and Thursday.  Karen had some problems with her hand that needed immediate treatment and I turned out to have a very bothersome eye infection that also needed treatment.  Dr. Aheb reduced Karen's medication dosage and insisted we take her to Mwanza tomorrow.  The doctor was very concerned about Karen's leg, so we leave for Mwanza at 6:30 am tomorrow and go straight to Aga Khan Hospital for the tests.  Then, as soon as we have the results, we phone Dr. Aheb in Musoma who will decide where we go from there.  Doctor Aheb in Musoma is an Egyptian Coptic Missionary whose wife is also a pediatrician.  There are both very good doctors and just suffer from a lack of equipment and drugs, like every other hospital (think MASH unit) and dispensary here.  It takes a special dedication to work under these circumstances, as we well know.  If all goes well tomorrow, and I get the medications I need that are legally forbidden here (for prostate problems, go figure) and some for my infection that are legal but hard to find, then next week we will be delivering desks and water filters to the St. Wiggins Academy.  We have two water filters to deliver locally to the nearby Baptist church and to the pastor's house.  Depending on how tomorrow goes, Shaban will finish moving his family here to Bunda this weekend.  John is taking a taxi to Kabasa tomorrow to deliver the handmade clothes to the orphans we have identified there.  We have already clothed around twenty, but there's another sixty there.  John taught his students from Musoma here today, and next Thursday, they begin installing our solar lights.  If we can get our health under control, we could be doing a lot more, but you do with what you have when you have it in our world.  We thank God for the doctors who care, the staff who support us, John for carrying the load when we can't, and for everyone who prays for us and supports us.  We live life here the way AA tells you to: one day at a time.  I think Jesus said something very similar.
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