Friday, September 30, 2011

Waited for the land office people all day, but TIA.  Sometime soon.  John went to Musoma to see if he could get our packages out of customs but was told they are stuck in Dar Es Salaam for now.  Polepole (slowly) is how we go here.  John did get to see the new cafe that Jono and Amy Vinks are running in Musoma to help offset a 40% decrease in church funding.  John raved about it, so Karen and I will go up next week to sample it, too, and to support the Vinks.  Helped a pastor and family with food and a staff member's son with bus fare back to Dar Es Salaam.  It is always hard to know what and how much to give when everyone is in such need, and we have a limited budget.  We just pray we make the right decisions.  Have had power for two days straight which is a kind of record lately.  At least it's not horribly hot yet.  We have had some cooling rains (out of season, but who knows what's seasonal or not).  While in Musoma, John found some Pringles and bought eight packages.  When you see them, you buy all you can because it may be six months before you see them again.  Shaban just recently finished a two-week (afternoons only) vocational training course for a new driving license that will allow him to drive anything from tractors to buses.  Over a dozen guys washed out, so we are proud of him.
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