Saturday, September 24, 2011

Spent most of the morning with Bwana Masele filling out the NSSF (social security) for Paul who resigned in June.  The way it works here is that he gets all the money we put in over the last two years which is not bad.  The forms (all seven of them) only had one page in English and the rest were in Swahili which was why I need Bwana Masele.  Shaban was unable to find any medication in Mwanza for my prostate problem but many told him where to get it in Nairobi where it isn't illegal.  If I have to go to Nairobi in November or December for surgery on my head, I think I will wait till then to get the other medication.  If we have learned anything here, we have learned how to suffer in silence and without complaint.  Juliana wasn't here today because she only has a thatch roof on her house the the terrible rains the other night tore off part of her roof and soaked everything inside.  I gave her money to get the thatch fixed but don't know what she will do about the flood in her house.  She did not complain or ask for money, she just asked for the day off to work on her house.  Maybe one day I will have the inner strength that these gentle people have.  Lusi's son is safely over his malaria, thanks to those who prayed.  We have several projects to accomplish in the next few weeks, so we are going to have to prioritize and figure logistics.  This is not the retirement I had planned, but you know when we plan, God laughs.  John is going to cook stuffed peppers for dinner tonight and I am looking forward to it.  Our food regimen is fairly bland and unchanging except when John cooks, so we always look forward to that.  Found out that the crisis center I helped get started 25 years ago is still up and running.  I was only a small part of it, but I look back on that with pride as small a contribution as it was.  All God ever asks is that you do what you can with what you have--I have done that and am still doing it.  It sure doesn't seem to be enough, but it is what I can do.
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