Tuesday, September 6, 2011

John was gone all day, teaching in Musoma.  Karen, relieved that all the worrying was over, slept until noon.  I gave her her second injection today.  I don't like doing that--never really liked needles.  Second day for me for medication for head wound and for eye infection, so I didn't do much either.  Did meet with Dr. Msumu who is studying surgery in Mwanza and running a preschool from his home here.  We are trying to help him with advice about the school.  Tomorrow, have to go to Mwanza to get new shocks and try to find prostate medication.  Since last Thursday, that's about 1,100 miles at a dollar a mile.  Medical costs here have to include transportation and that makes what should be no problem a rather big one.  Still, prices have come down just a tad.  Now just $9.50 a gallon instead of ten.  It adds up.  John had a great birthday yesterday with well wishers from all over the globe contacting him by email, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and even through games he plays on his phone.  It's a new world we live in.
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