Friday, September 16, 2011

I have accepted an invitation to be the Mission Speaker at Boston University in the fall of 2012 or the spring of 2013.  This includes partial airfare, hotel accommodations, and an honorarium.  Dr. Dana Robert, who wrote the Mission Study for the United Methodist Church for 2010-2011 invited me.  She said she mentioned me in the mission study but my copy is in the mail, so I don't yet know what she said.  I do know that I fought like crazy not to have to take her course in missions and did so quite reluctantly.  Who would have thought that we would have become friends and more unbelievably I would became a missionary, serving for the past seven years in Tanzania but taking one mission trip to Southern Brazil (Curitiba) and three to the Peruvian Amazon before the fateful trip to Africa in early 2003?  She and her husband travel to Zimbabwe every summer, so she knows the field in which we serve.  It is an honor for me to be asked and to represent our mission (Maisha Na Maji--living water) at my alma mater.  I will keep you abreast of the details as things evolve.  For now, I feel humbled and grateful to be invited back to my seminary to speak on the one subject I would never have dreamed for which to be known.  The Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways--at least it seems so to us.
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