Friday, September 23, 2011

Got the rest of the mission equipped with solar security lights today.  Right now it is raining blue blazes, but with a couple of days of sunshine, the other battery will be charged and every night we will  be using solar energy to keep the lights on.  It is a really good feeling knowing that we are not at the mercy of the national electric company or the generator, both of which have failed us (the generator a couple of times from needing a new spark plug) but mostly major power outages all over the country.  We hope we can be a model for other missionaries and others who can use this system.  The company that did our lights also does remote villages with grants from Sweden.  Power is too important to be left in the hands of corrupt politicians in the life of a developing country.  The next five to ten years will be very critical ones for Tanzania.  We are praying for the country, but we are also praying every day for the daily needs of the people who have to suffer and live with rising prices and the whims of nature.  Francis's sister died yesterday of malaria.  Her funeral was today here in Bunda.  Lusi's son is better since she got good malaria medication for him.  Charlini is in the next room singing every song she knows in English for Karen who is loving it.  Every day brings its joys and sorrows.  The trick is to concentrate on the joys.
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