Monday, September 12, 2011

Even as I am writing this, we are getting solar lights installed.  Phase one will provide emergency lights around the outside of our house, two lights inside the house, and will power my CPAP machine I need to breathe with at night, and two small fans.  We get ten hours of sunlight a day, so this is a no brainer.  We will start phase two next week which will put emergency lights on the guest cottages, Karen's school, and Martha's Place.   It's costing a little more than the estimate (imagine that!) but we can handle it.  It will save us almost $400 a month alone just in petrol for the generator.  Karen is doing really well.  We still have more to do than there are days in a week, but my head is healing slowly both my eyes and the sore above my ear.  Sophie has been out sick for five days with pneumonia and may come back tomorrow.  We have been praying and sending medicine.  The quote is from a Kanga which is a main form of clothing for women here.  They all have sayings and I liked this one.  Karen has one that says "Mama ni Mama" or Mama is the Mama.  She has that one in the living room where everyone can see it.  She's right, too.
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