Sunday, August 14, 2011

We got the papers today that should satisfy the immigration people.  In fact, we have more than they asked for, but you never know.   We will meet with them again on Tuesday and things should work out just fine, but we are not counting Kori Bustards before they are hatched.  Google Kori Bustard if you want to see one and learn a little about one of our more unusual neighbors.  The first safari I was on, the guide had a pronounced accent, and I thought I kept hearing him say there's another "sorry bastard".  Wasn't till I got an African bird book, I learned its real name of Kori Bustard.  Had a good meeting with the General Secretary of the Conference today and the new Bunda circuit pastor.  We are planning a training course as soon as Bishop Monto can work out a free week to be here.  Karen's leg was remarkably better today, but the cold had all her joints hurting.  It's always something.  John had a good idea about using just New Testaments for new churches and found a Baptist source in Mwanza that can get them for $3.00 a piece.  So, good thinking, John.  Don't stop praying, we don't have our new resident permits yet, but I do feel much better about it.  Pictures on the right are of women who attended a sanitation and hygiene seminar last year.  Not a single woman who attended has lost a baby to malaria or cholera in the last year.  Hope is real here.
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