Monday, August 1, 2011

Had a great Sunday. Click on pictures at right to see more pictures of the group and their day. Alice preached and Bishop Monto's son, Adam, did the translating for her at the Baptist church. Two other of our guests gave testimonies and John got it all on video. The service lasted from nine am to one pm, which is usual. Our guests were all very up when they came back. I attended church at Bunda and then made arrangements for a group luncheon at a new restaurant near the Ndabaka gate to the Serengeti. In the afternoon, the group walked into Bunda, shopped and made a lot of new friends. There followed a rousing game of Uno broken up only when the hot, corn chowder was ready to eat. We start each day with morning devotions at seven am which is a great way to start the day. One of the men, Carl, works in Afghanistan and flew here to join his wife by way of Dubai. We just love each and every one of them. Today, Chris and Carl will be working on heat exchange problems in the generator room and running electricity to the new filter workshop. They will build a filter tonight. The ladies will be training for the sanitation and hygiene training seminar on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday and Friday will be spent delivering new clothes for orphans at the villages of Kabasa and Lamadi. Bible school will held this afternoon and tomorrow at the Baptist church. The energy level and passion of this group is contagious for us and our staff. We thank our God for their determination to make this trip in spite of several obstacles. With God, we can accomplish much. Keep our guests in your prayers, they are worthy.
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