Thursday, August 11, 2011

The guests are all gone.  The Coptic Hospital has reopened (Thank God) and they diagnosed Karen with deep vein thrombosis.  They have put her on blood thinners and stuff to stop clotting.  I have to give her injections the next couple of days, but they're not in the vein, more like insulin shots.  Spent five hours at immigration and have to go back tomorrow to complete the process to get our resident permits renewed.  I know I told you they went from $120 a person to $550 a person.  What I didn't know was that is for children, even infants, too, so some of our friends will be paying over $4,000 just for resident permits.  Wow.  Paid Tanzania social security and finally tracked down a station that was still selling diesel.  The government has demanded a 200 shilling decrease per liter, so almost every station has just shut down in rebellion.  Life is always interesting here.  Looked into some solar work for our place and was surprised at what we might be able to do.  More on that later.  Amos is very sick with malaria so Francis is working three shifts in a row to help out.  Our staff is so awesome.  Charlini didn't like the last group because none of the young girls had time to play with her.  She says she loves Samantha and Brenda the best, but still loves me, too.
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