Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good day all around although a bit tiring.  John taught at Musoma.  Karen got a good report on her leg but needs two tests that can only be done in Mwanza, so we go to Mwanza next week.  Dorctor has ruled out prostate cancer but I need medications that are illegal to bring into Tanzania.  I have the names of two pharmacies in Mwanza that my have them under the counter, so to speak.  I will accompany Karen next week.  I was very glad to hear medications will work, but will be upset if I have to go to Nairobi to get them.  We're praying that Mwanza comes through.   Power was out for nine hours today and in the last eight days we have gone through $150 worth of petrol.  Luckily, they are coming to measure for wires and lights for solar panels on Thursday.  Even if we cut what we are paying each month in half, it will be well worth it.  We have to start figuring wattage on everything we own now.  We are also looking to find some motion sensor lights that our dogs won't set off.  Trouble is our dogs are as big as some Tanzanians, so who knows?  Oh, I got an email today from my missiology professor at Boston University and she wrote the mission study guide for the church this year.  It will be studied at mission schools all across the country.  She said she mentioned me in it, but not whether it was a good or bad example.  Someone will have to send me one so I can read it for myself.  Dana Robert is a big deal academically, we are friends, and she and her husband spent their summers in Zimbabwe which is a dangerous place at present.  Keep her in your prayers.
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