Thursday, August 25, 2011

Busy day.  John had students riding the bus down here to learn, we had the TanzSolar guy measuring and figuring wattages and wire distances all day, and by some miracle every member of the staff was here an healthy.  So, naturally it rained all day and power went off and on and off and on, etc.  Just getting all the emergency lights on solar is going to save us a bundle and give us peace of mind.  Here, you have to pay for the materials up front and pay for the labor later.  No one stocks stuff, so you give them the money, they go buy it, and then they can install it.  This is a non-credit society.  There are no mortgages, no car loans, and you prepay your cell phone.  No money in your phone, no calls.  I think I prefer it--you always know where you stand.  Tomorrow, we have a meeting to talk about back taxes for the church property (including ours).  I'm sure we'll have to pay, it's the amount that's debatable, but the land officer is a friend, so none of us are worried.  Juliana's neighbor passed away two days ago and they had the funeral yesterday.  I sent a little money with Juliana to help with the expenses and the widow called me last night and in Swahili I could understand, thanked me for our help.  It takes so little to do so much.  Click on the picture for a more detailed description and a picture of our friend, Robi.
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