Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wonderful news. The One Book Foundation has sent us enough money to feed the 100 orphans at St. Wiggins Academy for an entire year! In addition, they have increased the amount we get for diesel to compensate for the high cost here. They are wonderful, compassionate friends without whose help we could do little here. In the blog yesterday, I neglected to mention the biosand water filters that Jerry Buckingham got started here. We have placed over 175 of these filters that provide clean, safe drinking water to about thirty people for each filter. And more good news, the group from South Carolina that is coming next Saturday are bringing money for filters, church repair, sanitation and hygiene training, mosquito nets, and supplies of things we can only get in the States. All I can say is thank you so very much for your prayers, your caring hearts, and your love for all of God's children, especially the ones here. We love you all. I should also add that all of this was in planning long before yesterday's blog. So again, we love you all.
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