Saturday, July 2, 2011

Today, Edina told us that Paulina had gone back to school and that her neighbor died--a woman leaving two small children and no husband. We sent some money for food for the kids and gave Edina the day off to be with her neighbors. Food prices have risen sharply here and many are hungry as a result. High diesel prices and the power outages are causing many businesses to close and putting taxi drivers, welders, etc. out of work. Corruption at the top and suffering at the bottom. It's what the prophets complained about to the kings in the Old Testament--seems it never changes. It was a lazy day here. Didn't get much work done although we had power till about 4:30 pm. Hopefully, it will be back around 10:30 pm or so. You never know. Living in a world where survival is a daily struggle makes some of the things we read about seem absolutely silly. So much attention to who's on TV, who's getting divorces, what new gadgets you should buy makes us wonder about what we are doing. Are we just spinning our wheels or will something good come from what we are doing. We have to believe the latter. It's depressing enough just living in these conditions, but we are buoyed by the spirit of those around us. These people know what Christianity really promises. They trust God in ways that most never do. They teach us much about living a life that becomes the Gospel. Thank God for that and for them.
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