Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our dear friend, known to all his friends as Geronimo, passed recently. He was a good and gentle man and even though he had been wrongly incarcerated in the U.S. for twenty-seven years, he bore no resentment or hatred. He moved here to Tanzania, got married and had children. Thanks to him, the village of Imbeseni has a well for all to use (cost over $25,000 to drill). He helped everyone who needed it and always had a big smile on his face. He will be both missed and remembered for a long, long time. He loved Tanzania and it was his wish that when he died, his ashes would be scattered on both Mt. Kilimanjaro and in Lake Victoria the two features of this country that can be seen from space and that almost every visitor sees as well. Yesterday, Shaban, John, myself, and George (a teacher from Pete's who brought the ashes) went out to the lake, rented a boat and gladly yet sadly complied with Geronimo's wishes while people from Pete's climbed Kilimanjaro to fulfill those wishes. To the right you see a picture of me after renting the boat and clicking on the picture will take you to eight more with captions. I said farewell words from the bank while George committed Geronimo's ashes to the lake. John took video and is editing it and will be posting it on YouTube later. It was an extremely moving experience. Now, every time I see the lake, I will remember Geronimo. It's what he wished. It's what he got.
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