Monday, July 4, 2011

On Friday, a mother of two, a neighbor of Edina's died of malaria. On Sunday, a mother of seven, another of Edina's neighbors died of malaria. This morning, a thirty-five year old father of four died of malaria--one of our neighbors. It's as if we are living in a war zone, but this enemy can be repelled with a $5 mosquito net. Unfortunately, that's just out of the reach of families in this very poor country. We have distributed over 1,000 nets in the last six years, but we need to be doing ten times that. Still, a life saved is a life saved. Sadly, when a mother or father dies, the children frequently starve. When we came here, we knew we would have our hearts broken on a regular basis, we just didn't think it would be almost every day. We cling to our little successes. The doctors tell us we save just as many lives with our sanitation and hygiene training workshops as we do with mosquito nets (we give nets to every graduate of our workshops). It is very hard to bring a soul to Christ when the body is already dead. We pray, we work, we have faith in those who support us for we can do no other. Please pray for our people and for all the efforts of the missionaries here. We need your support to keep the death and disease from driving us into depression. God is good, all the time. Please keep reminding us.
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