Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Karen was much better today. No tennis yet, but much better. No deaths reported either which is good. Tomorrow is Saba/Saba (seventh day of seventh month) kinda like fourth of July, so only the security guard will be working and he gets time and a half. Sometimes living where we do has advantages. Because my oldest son was a competitive cyclist for years (1990 Arkansas road race and mountain bike champion) we have always followed the Tour de France. Here, we get to see it live and today's race was a corker. We (our family) are rooting for the Garmin team and have several individuals that we like. Plus, unlike the Super Bowl (a one day event), the Tour is three weeks long. It might not sound like much, but to us it connects us to our past while keeping us in our present. All my sons follow the racing, so it brings us together as a family, too. I pray that every family has something to pull them together when it seems life tries to force apart families. As members of the Kingdom family, we are rich indeed and never alone. Carry that in your heart forever.
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