Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ambulance came for Karen this morning since our car was gone and she is fine. Ultrasound showed good blood flow, so medication and exercise for her. I got some medication for my feet, not to relieve the pain, but to try to fix the feet so they won't hurt any more. Several weeks it will take, but I've got time. Paid for another month of food for 100 orphans today as well as money for school supplies. Tomorrow, will pay my half of the Serengeti Safari for the fifteen best older students. John had a good trip to Musoma although the power problems have fried a $4,000 computer at the internet provider. John got them up and running with a smaller one but now they have no back up. Shaban is trying to fix the electric burner on our cooker while the power is out (again)--twelve hours and counting. The door to Dubu's place is fixed and ready to go for our next guests. Our friend Geronimo who died recently is having a big celebration of his life next week culminating in having his ashes scattered in two places simultaneously--Mt. Kilimanjaro and Lake Victoria. We will be handling the Lake Victoria side with John doing video. We are proud to be a part of this gentle man's farewell. Our Australian missionary friends have invited us to the Anglican cathedral in Musoma next Sunday to witness Matt's ordination as priest. Right now, I am the only ordained missionary in a three-hundred mile radius, so I am very happy for Matt. A priest has come from Australia to do the ordination. The work never stops, nor will it ever until we are all called home. In the meantime, do what you can with what you have.
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